Margarita Chavez

Director at Enthera, Managing Director at AbbVie Ventures

Margarita has lead investments in over a dozen biotech companies in the US and Europe. She is responsible for AbbVie Ventures’ investments in Alector (NASDAQ: ALEC), Morphic Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MORF) and Jnana Therapeutics, among others, and serves on the Boards of Carisma Therapeutics, Magnolia Neurosicences, Rodeo Therapeutics and Nitrome Biosciences. Beyond AbbVie Ventures, Margarita also serves on the Boards of the New England Venture Capital Association, the MidAmerica Healthcare Investors Network and P33 Chicago.

Margarita brings over 20 years of dealmaking leadership. As a Director of Abbott’s Global Pharmaceutical Licensing & Acquisitions, she was involved in the in-licensing of Elagolix, the acquisition of Solvay and Immuven, and the acquisition of the Lupron franchise. Before joining Abbott, Margarita practiced as a corporate and securities lawyer in Silicon Valley with the firm of Brobeck Phleger & Harrison.

Margarita holds a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and a Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law.