Enthera Pharmaceuticals nomina Aled Williams come amministratore delegato

Milano, 4 maggio 2022 – Enthera Pharmaceuticals (“Enthera”), azienda biotecnologica che sviluppa farmaci biologici “first in class” per alcune malattie autoimmuni nelle quali è coinvolto un nuovo meccanismo di apoptosi, annuncia oggi la nomina di Aled Williams a amministratore delegato e membro del suo Consiglio di Amministrazione. Aled ha oltre venticinque anni di esperienza in posizioni […]

Enthera Pharmaceuticals Appoints Aled Williams as Chief Executive Officer

Milan, Italy, 4 May 2022 – Enthera Pharmaceuticals (“Enthera”), a biotech company developing first-in-class biologics for selected autoimmune conditions based on the discovery of a novel apoptosis pathway, today announces the appointment of Aled Williams as Chief Executive Officer and member of its Board of Directors. Aled has over twenty-five years of experience as a senior […]

Enthera Pharmaceuticals, Boston Children’s Hospital of the Harvard Medical School and the University of Milan reveal use of novel pathway to restore pancreatic cell function in diabetes in Nature Communications

New publication titled ‘The IGFBP3/TMEM219 pathway regulates β-cell homeostasis’ published in leading peer-review journal, Nature Communications The research confirms that the recently discovered ‘IGFBP3/TMEM219’ apoptosis pathway plays a key role in beta cell homeostasis, and has the potential to be utilized as a new therapeutic approach for type 1 diabetes Enthera aims to leverage the IGFBP3/TMEM219 pathway to […]