A strong pipeline of selective inhibitors


Phase I

IGFBP3/TMEM219 inhibitor

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Type 1 Diabetes

New biologic inhibitor


Underserved autoimmune conditions

Enthera is developing a portfolio of first-in-class selective inhibitors to treat Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the patient’s own insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas for unknown reasons. T1D incidence is increasing worldwide and there are no therapies currently approved on the market other than insulin.

IBD is also an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues within the digestive system, leading to severe chronic inflammation. There is no cure for IBD, the disease cannot be prevented, and existing biologic therapeutic options are associated with high treatment failure rates. Patient quality of life remains poor and worsens with disease progression.

These two indications therefore represent areas of high medical need for novel therapeutic targets and a new mechanism of action.

Novel therapeutic concept

With our proprietary discovery platform, we are developing a pipeline of first-in-class, safe and effective therapeutics for autoimmune diseases with high unmet medical need.

Our unique therapeutic approach consists of targeting the IGFBP3/TMEM219 axis and its dysregulation to re-establish organ function in patients suffering from autoimmune disorders where elevated levels of IGFBP3 have been found.

Our platform delivers an expanding library of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and fusion proteins capable of abrogating the binding capability of IGFBP3 to its receptor, TMEM219, therefore inhibiting apoptosis and restoring cell and organ function in affected patients.

Our current focus is the in-house development of two clinical candidates as first-in-class therapeutics that disrupt the pathway to stop disease progression and revert the outcome of T1D and IBD.

Ent001 and diabetes

Our lead clinical product Ent001 is in development for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, or T1D. Ent001 targets the TMEM219 ligand, IGFBP3, the levels of which are augmented in T1D and several other autoimmune diseases. Ent001 is the only drug in development with the potential to restore the endogenous pancreatic beta cells compartment.

Ent001 and autoimmune intestinal disorders

Ent001 is also in development for intestinal conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBD. The Ent001 mAb is used to restore the original intestine structure and organ function by inhibiting apoptosis in these tissues.

Our other R&D programs

In addition to our lead programs, other programs are investigating new indications for Ent001. We are also currently developing new therapeutics for other underserved autoimmune disorders.